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Ding Yan believes that the

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salary structure, but also improve the pay regulatory system. For some monopoly industries and enterprises responsible person, if their salary and contribution of touch, it should be reduced. For business executives in the field of competition, especially in one hand and the business bigger and stronger, it should give full play to pay incentives, appropriate to give high salaries.Beijing CPPCC members, with BTG Vice Chairman Ding Yan believes that the SOE reform must first establish a market mechanism. "SOE reform, there are many ways, not necessarily just the mixed ownike air max 1 sale  nership, the most important thing is to introduce market-based mechanisms." Ding with Yan said, "SOE reform not to say that private enterprise bringing in state-owned enterprises to live, should pay attention to reform of institutional mechanisms . "Shanghai proposed to improve the corporate governance structure of state-owned enterprises, explore the establishment of a professional manager system to achieve full coverage term contract management, co-ordination to promote enterprise leaders pay system reform in the government work report.Subsequently, on January 27, the Shanghai-fourth session of the National People's Congress held three meetings "to deepen the reform of state-owned assets, promote enterprise development" as the

 topic for consideration at the meeting it was rumored that the new action Shanghai State-owned enterprise reform: the full coverage of state-owned enterprises to implement the tenure system contract management, the establishment of long-term incentive and restraint mechanisms. February 2, Minsheng Bank by the former president and other senior Mao Xiaofeng investigated the impact of the message, Minsheng Bank A shares fell after, when to close, down 3.17 percent. Minsheng convertible bonds are not immune, closing down 4.31%.However, feedback from the after-hours market parties, the date of Minsheng Bank A sharesRelated stock movements????Flush 58.14 1.843.27%????Huatai Securities 20.59 0.371.83%????China Petroleum 11.36 0.141.25%????Minsheng Bank 9.28 0.111.20%????China Petrochemical 5.94 0.071.19%"Better than expected." Support the market forces gained the upper hand. But the venue three convertible bond fund B shares be affected, again the collective limit, it seems more traumatic.Shares fell after being bouncedLast weekend, had constantly holdings Yinan Bang "good" and widespread attention Minsheng Bank, suddnike shox r4 cheapen jerky. Minsheng Bank first encounter since the 1996 establishment of the largest high-level shock: President Mao Xiaofeng was taken away for investigation.The news came out, even though

transfer payments.Outside criticism who were more special transfer payments will use the project method or factor method for distribution. Factor method, which allocates funds based on objective factors, due to the relative fair rules become more special transfer payments in the selection of the way of reform."Opinions" also stressed the need to promote information disclosure, the central budget for transfer payments to local arrangements and the implementation of the National People's Congress in 20 days after the approval by the Ministry of Finance to the public, open specific projects, scale, management practices and assign the results.Solve the "last mile" problem"Opinions" that the central government focused mainly used to increase financial transfer payments to local especially in the Midwest, and effectively nike shox agent menspromote the inter-regional equalization of basic public services. But there are still many problems, such as the areas of special transfer payments too broad, distribution and use enough science; some items of administrative examination and approval of color heavier, inconsistent with the requirements of

the cost of advertising circle of

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friends is more in line with the requirements of social media communication, but also for users without forming harassment, as micro letter said, allows advertisers to become part of life, which is micro-channel The biggest difference between advertising and traditional advertising methods. For reasons of commercial confidentiality, the cost of advertising circle of friends, vivo disclose the budget, but it may be said that the micro-channel advertising vnike air max tn trainersery carefully to my circle of friends, not only the range of options for advertisers very strict requirements for higher creativity, and even can be used to describe harsh. "Information and circle of friends, as a circle of friends by text and picture ads composition can publish multiple images, like and comment on friends to the point, but the upper right corner marked with the word "promotion", click can show that this is provided by the sponsor of the promotion information, but also "I'm not interested," the button. In the ad link below for details, you can jump to the content of the publisher's ad pages.Essentially, my circle of friends advertising is an information flow (Feed) advertising,

 as the name implies, it is a kind of information interspersed among social groups based on user preferences and characteristics of the properties for intelligent forms of advertising promotion.年 2006, Facebook launched the first of this type of ad, currently two-thirds of Facebook's total revenue stream advertising, while domestic Sina Weibo, headlines today, including QQ, Qzone and other platforms are also using this form of a  nike air max 2015 saledvertising ."Circle of friends have advertisements." Many people lament the micro-channel circle of friends bid farewell to "pure era." Sina launched an investigation, "how do you see the micro-channel flow of information in my circle of friends to insert advertising" show: more than 88.8% of users said "unacceptable." However, some people began to Tencent calculate benefits.According to rumors, the micro-channel circle of friends only accept advertising on the world's first 500-level brands, the minimum threshold for the delivery of 500 million, some industry insiders Based on projections, the circle of friends for a year, Tencent advertising is expected to bring more than 10 billion yuan Revenue RMB ...... but these rumors, micro-channel team to "China Economic Weekly" reporter sent a response, said: "micro-channel circle of friends is still in beta stage advertising, so-

drug, is "fake." According to Article VIII of the Criminal Law Amendment: "As long as there is a subjective intentional production and sale of counterfeit drugs act constitutes a crime, whether or not for profit, whether or not an actual injury."In other words, the purchase by Lu Yong, the Indian version of the channel, "Gleevec" in China is counterfeit, Lu Yong therefore lawsuits. Wang Peng no longer dare to help patients to buy generic drugs in Sichuan, and he would rather teach them methods, let them find their own way of direct and Indian drug dealer.Concerned about the progress of the case, while Lu Yong, Wang Peng noted that in November 2014, the Supreme Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly issued the "Interpretations on drug safety hazards criminal law applicable numbe air jordan 6 ukr of issues", including new section 11 states: a small amount of sales based on traditional recipes secretly working folk medicines, or selling a small amount of unapproved foreign imports, foreign drugs, did not cause harm to others or the consequences of delayed treatment, if the circumstances are obviously minor little risk, and is not considered a crime.This means that you purchased a "small amount" of generic drugs is not illegal, but he also noted that the judicial interpretation is still unclear: for example,

and this is the current user

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called running rules already appeared numerous external, standards are guessing . ""Micro letter as carrying a huge user scale applications, and its commercialization has been in a gradual process, games, electricity providers, etc., are commercially oriented approach, while marketing is commercializing the most intuitive and easy way to copy after micro-channel has been trying subscription numbers and other forms of marketing, and now the information flow forms of advertising in Facebook, Twitter, including microblogging so validated success, and this is the current user experience with minimal impact form of advertising, so the micro-channel increasing size Under a nike air max 2015 womenshuge case, business is driven by the realization of the marketing operation. "Analysys International senior analyst Pang million Ming told the" China Economic Weekly. "Circle of friends temptation is too great. Currently, micro-channel has 11 million registered users, 468 million monthly active number, content sharing three billion times a day data provided, at 20:45 on January 25 since its launch in micro-channel advertising circle of friends, to January 27 morning 9: 00, vivo exposure of close to 155 million total; the user clicks the "vivo smartphone" LOGO, praise , reviews and other acts of more than 7.2 million

times; vivo official micro-channel increased 220,000 fans.Micro-channel team circle of friends description is: "This is a new advertising model of social interaction, is the first by the user to decide whether there is advertising." Although many of the details are not exposed, but there will certainly be a circle of friends Advertising Many different style of play, at least based on the precise delivery of large data analysis is certainly achievable, for example, only served to iPhone users, just put in the Beijing area, only to put female users, just put 4G, etc., geography, operating system, interconnect , education, age and so can be used as targeting criteria."In the initial commercialization, especially in the form of commercial marketing, will cause the impact on the user experience, it is inevitable thing, micro-channel is also the exploratory stage, by constantly trying to use the algorithm to match user needs, preferences, which Advertising is also important core information flow. "Pang one hundred million confessed, but she thinks the ad focuses on a circle of friends and users matching degree of precision, which is a direct impact on the user experience.   nike air max tn sale   "In the conversion rate, still need to pass on large data mining to achieve matching to the user. Micro-channel subscription

number, number, and user mainstream public attention to the content, are the basis for mining user interests." She said.January 21 the same day, Tencent shares rose 3.
Jiangxi "The test results are the main ingredients are 99% the same, I believe this thing is not a lie, we can safely eat." Wang Peng said that the reason to go to Jiangxi, because that is where people are willing to help free testing.Reporters learned that, in 2014, the Indian generic drug prices down again. If the time to buy a certain number, even if you count the postage, the average duration (one month) it takes only 200 yuan, and less than one percent during the genuine drug prices "Gleevec" patent.CThe sleepy medicineAfter the "purchasing" the lawsuit did not dare to someone else to buy medicineWhen Wang Peng buy Indian generic drugs through legitimate channels Lu Yong, in November 2013, Lu Yong for selling "fake" police was taken away, after being released on bail.By the end of 2013, Wang Peng Lu Yong find online, no reply is received, ask other patients, some say might be arrested. "My heart burst of sad, I do not know how to help him, but always wanted to help him." Wang Peng air max tn uk  Originally, cheap Indian version of "Gleevec" is not registered in the Chinese pharmaceutical sector, in accordance with the law, no registered

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